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Bottled Beers

We aim to give you a trip around the world in 50 beers! Our range is not currently complete, but below you will find a great selection of Belgian, American, German, Italian and other beer to try.  Come back soon to see how our range will grow!


One of the world's most recognised beers, Becks is a classic German pilsner, well hopped with a crisp palate and dry finish. £2.50.

Fruh Kolsch

Kolsch, like Champagne, is a 'Appellation Controlee', so only beers brewed in Koln (Cologne) can be called Kolsch.  Although having the appearance of lager, the Fruh Kolsch is actually an ale having been top fermented.  A slightly fruity and hoppy aroma, fresh palate with a hint of grape in the finish.  £3.50.

Aecht Schlenker Rauchbier Marzen

A black wheat beer with a powerful aroma of smoked sausage and bacon, with the traditional hefe elements of cloves and banana left quietly in the background.  Smoked pork is the predominant flavour, to give a very different beer experience. £3.70.

Achel 8 Blonde

Achel are the latest monastery to gain offical Trappist status, a fairly exclusive club, in 1998.  A slightly hazy beer with loose sediment present, Subtle fruit and hop aroma gives way to dry and toffee palate. A perfumed bitterness on the finish leads to a slightly chocolate-like tone. £3.80.

Chapeau Banana

A Belgian lambic fruit beer, a low strength, sweet banana flavoured beer for those with a sweet tooth.  Lager-like in texture with a dash of lemon juice and banana sweets in the palate. £3.50.

De Dolle Oerbier

This beer has a sweet, fruity aroma, with an almost sharp note toward the end. Wonderfully refreshing and complex, it has a rich, tart taste, reminiscent of sour cherries. It finishes dry and crisp. The aftertaste lingers with slight bitterness and definite sourness. £3.80.

Delirium Tremens

This strong, triple-fermented Belgian ale, proclaiming its multiple medals on the bottle, is a widely known and highly regarded example of the Belgian golden ale style. It has a complex aroma of warm spices, sweet light-roast malt and fruit (apples). On the palate it is sweet, like an apple crumble, but not overdone. It is smooth with spicy malt, candy-sugar and orange zest flavours. Aftertaste is sweetish yet not cloying, with a hint of coriander. £3.80

Liefmans Cuvee-Brut

Unlike most krieks, this Cuvee-Brut is not a Lambic beer, but old brown beer mixed with a whole load of cherries. A well balanced sour and sweet kriek of great complexity is the result. £3.80

Liefmans Goudenband

A brown beer of high fermentation having been matured between 4 and 8 months in the Liefmans cellars, the taste improves over time. A spicy malt aroma is balanced by a nutty, caramel and raisin taste. £3.80


A Trappist beer unlike many others with a hint of clove and sourdough in the aroma.  More hoppy and grassy than traditional Trappist beers, lemon, nutmeg, cloves and anise all come through in the flavour.  £3.50


Wheaty and clove aromas coupled with a toffee, malt and biscuit finish with a hint of cherry makes this dark amber beer and classic and most well known Belgian beers available. £3.80

Rochefort 8

Hailing from the abbey of St Remy in the Ardennes, Rochefort 8 is a deep chestnut brown beer. A complex aroma of nuts, chocolate, plums and figs is countered by the finish of slightly smoky taste, sour fruits, spices  and mulled wine.  One of the finest Trappist beers available. £3.80

Sasion Dupont

A less well known style the saison was a beer brewed in the spring to be drunk in the summer when it was harder to control the yeasts in the warmer weather.  Dupont's Saison is also known as Farmhouse Ale, made with Pilsner malts and Styrian and Goldings hops.  A grassy and pepper aroma with lemon, pepper, apricot and mild hops in the taste.  £3.50

Timmermans Peche

Sweet, refreshing Lambic fruit beer, laden with peaches.  Ideal for hot summer days in our lovely beer garden! £3.50

Timmermans Framboise

A red/amber Lambic fruit beer, with a sweet and sour raspberry aroma and flavour.  £3.50

Timmermans Strawberry

A light Belgian wheat beer, refermented with strawberries. Described as the perfect bridge between beer and wine, and proving quite popular. £3.50

Anchor Porter

A deep black colour to this famous Porter from Anchor in San Francisco.  A thick creamy head, aromas of coffee, liquorice and dark fruits complement the smoky, burnt malt and coffee flavours.  £3.20

Flying Dog Raging Bitch

A Belgian-Style IPA from America (yes, that is correct!) this very strong beer certainly lives up to its name.  Made with lots of Amarillo hops and a Belgian yeast strain, which gives it a slight hint of banana and, strangely, bubble-gum. Handle with care, you have been warned! £3.90

Victory Hop Devil IPA

Bold, spicy and menacingly delicious, this American-hopped India Pale Ale offers an aromatic punch and then follows through with a lasting, full-bodied finish. £3.90

Alhambra Negra

A dark lager, very aromatic and adapted to Mediterranean tastes.  A sweet caramel and malt flavour with a bitter finish. £3.00

Kasteel Cru

This French premium lager is brewed using Champagne yeast for a fine, crisp lager with a sparkling finish. £3.00

La Trappe Dubbel

A dark amber coloured beer, with caramel and raisins coming through in the taste with a mild hoppy bitterness. £3.80

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Lots of Chinook and Cascade hops go into this refreshing pale ale.  A citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavour have made this beer quite popular already. £3.50

Peroni Gran Reserva Doppio Malta

A clear, double matled beer, in the Dortmund Helles style, full of aromatic hops.  Continues Peroni's tradition of making Italy's finest beers. £3.50

Newcastle Brown Ale

Love it or hate it, 'Newkie Brown' is a classic and adorns most fridges in pubs up and down the country.  A dark, almost maroon colour with plenty of matly tones, slightly sweet with a dry finish. £3.00

Ward's Best Bitter

Classic Sheffield bitter, now brewed in Sunderland by Maxim.  Brewed to the original recipe, however with the different water supply and natural evoultion of hops and malts, it is as close to its predecessor as possible. £3.00

Double Maxim

Famous Sunderland brown ale, ressurected by Maxim Brewery. This tradional North-East beer has been brewed in Sunderland since 1901, origianlly known as Maxim, when it's strength was increased in 1938, the name changed to Double Maxim.  £3.00

Nøgne Ø

Nøgne Ø are a Norwegian Craft Brewery based in Grimstad, flying the flag for the Scandanavian Craft Beer Revolution, led by Mikkeller of Denmark.

This Baltic Porter is rich and smooth, yet complex with a notable roasted maltiness. A silver medalist in the Robust Porter Catagory in the World Beer Cup in San Diago in 2008.

This beer is highly reccomended (It's one of Chris's favourites from our bottled beer selection) and is a classic of the style - full flavoured and complex but yet dangerously drinkable!

£4.50 for a 50ml bottle.

Goose Island

This is perhaps the ultimate American IPA, with a fantastic balance of bitterness, mouth puckering citrus flavours and alcohol, this beer has helped inspire a whole range of new wave India Pale Ales around the globe. Brewed in Chicago, and imported in limited quantities to the UK.

£3.20 a 355ml bottle.

K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale
Flying Dog

Flying Dog say in typical Gonzo Fashion:

'If only we could take our dogs skiing. They could chase off snowploughing tourists, stick their heads out the gondola window, and use the snow as their own artistic canvas. But on those days when your pooch can't be there, enjoy one of these dark, sweet, malty ales in his honour.'

So there you go...

£3.70 for a 355ml bottle.

Grand Cru

One of the world's most interesting beers - a brown ale aged for 2 years in massive oak vats, creating a sour, almost vinigaresque taste. Definatly a love it or hate it beer, but for those looking to expand their beer horizons a worthwile beer to try to expand your horizons of the possible flavours of beers!

£4 for a 33cl bottle


Chimay is the largest Trappist brewery, meaning the beers are brewed under the supervision of the monks in the Abbey De Notre Dame de Scourmont. Chimay Red is a fruity brown ale with a slight bitterness.

£3.80 for a 33cl bottle.